12 January 2010

The Human Garbage Disposal

I am behind on updating, like EVERYTHING, I know (cut me some slack, I'm on my third night of working on laundry, plus grocery shopping and cleaning and whine moan complain, blah).

So for now I give you a simple list. Of food. That our son has decided to scarf down with utter and complete abandon. Thus far, this includes:
  • Greens and veggies (although he's more partial to sweet, like peas, over green beans. Still eats any veg we throw at him)
  • Fruits, with strawberries and pineapple being the most popular
  • Baby Cheetos and Cherry Puffs, Wagon Wheels, Yogurt Melts, also those annoying Mum Mum things (aka: baby junk food, all of it)
  • Chicken dishes of all kinds, also - beef, pork, venison, nilgai, and hot dog
  • Steel cut oats and regular oatmeal
  • Indian cuisine - he digs Korma, Tikka Masala, curries DUDES THIS IS SO TOTALLY MY CHILD
  • Snow
  • Pickles
  • Lemony-goodness of any kind, be it in savory or sweet dishes
  • Risotto
  • Paper
  • Black bean soup, wild rice soup, any sort of soup
  • Salmon and cod
  • Quinoa
  • Blueberry pancakes
  • Fage Greek yogurt
  • Cookies. Cake. And apparently he inhaled his cupcake (enjoyed in honor of Kiri's birthday) at daycare at an alarming speed, like Miss Fanta was all , "and then I tried to take a picture, but he was just *so fast*, I couldn't get one...".
  • Smoked fish hash
  • Yarn strands yanked out of the bathroom rugs
  • Gnocchi
  • Assorted crackers leftover from nights of "cheese tray" dinners
  • Goulash and other casserole type dishes
  • Smoked chicken nachos
  • Liver pate (however: while he loved it, it did not love him back)
  • Floor lint
  • Sorbet (and, ah, he may have had a few teeny bites of ice cream. Maybe)
  • Cheese - feta, fontina, cheddar, Parm, you name it - as long as you can get it in his mouth
  • Gift bows

... and who knows what else. I am enjoying his hearty appetite while I can. In the meantime, his beloved friend Potato Pete is happy to hear he has not yet ingested perogies.

He just kinda chews on them.


Nikki Northstrom said...

Your son eats way fancier food than me!

Nemmie said...

It's the floor lint and paper, right? He's got an awesome palate, obviously.

Alaina said...

Enjoy it while it lasts. We're starting to get into "toddler" eating now. Between the weeks where she refuses to eat at all and the weeks when she decides vegetables of any kind are the devil, she's driving me nuts, culinarily-speaking! Your "sample menu" made me hungry, by the way. :)

Nemmie said...

Alaina that is exactly what I've been told, so I'm enjoying it as much as possible! I read this great book called Hungry Monkey, written by a food critic who was a stay-at-home-dad. He fed his kid truly gourmet stuff, and then when her kid hit toddler-hood it was all chicken nuggets and ketchup.