03 January 2010

Weekly Update 01.03.10

Hiya! It is a brand new shiny decade, people, so let's get down to it. Lots to speak of this week.

For New Years, we played it simple. We opened a bottle of Belgian Red, pulled together a cheese/meat tray, and rented The Hangover. Even though this all occurred well after his bedtime, Peter made appearances several times throughout the evening - he had a cold and kept waking up from the coughing and snuffling and general all-around yuckiness that goes with it. Sometimes I curse the fact that there isn't a baby decongestant, but then again it would probably be as worthless as the adult versions, so never mind...

We headed to The Legends one day, to take in the post-holiday sales and just have a nice day out of Lawrence. The weather up here has been chillier than most years, the high for the day hovered around 4 degrees (plus wind!) so we were all rather bundled up for the day of shopping. I got some work clothes and Peter got a whole slew of new duds - thanks to his latest growth spurt, which left him with a mere 2 pairs of jeans that fit over his rump, one of which was suspiciously girlie-looking even though it is from the boy section I swear...

We had some Yard House before leaving, I mean really we can't visit The Legends without stopping so there shouldn't be any shock there. We enjoyed the Poke Stack, Peter helped us eat our chicken nachos, and he apparently wanted some beer as well. As to be expected, we were the Stooooopid New Parents and laughed and took pictures. Here are the last 2 pictures taken, right as Peter swiped a hand into the glass and poured it directly into Scott's lap. Okay, then! Dinner over, let's get a-going...

My sweet coworker Kristen got married this weekend. The whole family got spiffed up for the ceremony, then I went to the reception solo. Er, somewhat - the boys waited for me in the car. The weather was crummy and sadly, so was the sickness that invaded Mr. Peter. Even after I took him home to calm him (and get him to sleep) he just was not doing well, still the wicked cold I would guess (with a nice side of More Teething).

So, I stopped in to drop off the gift and say a few hellos to co-workers, and then sadly I left the very-gorgeous reception and headed back home with my boys. Didn't even get to say congrats to the lovely couple, as they were still off taking pictures. I probably could have just left Scott with our sick kid and then hope the dear thing didn't get worse while I was away, but something was tugging at the old heartstrings and I just couldn't leave him. So there I sat all dressed up with full makeup and pretty hair, rocking the boy child to sleep. I am officially a mommy, yo.

Speaking of Peter - he has this strange habit of rocking on his hands and knees and then, after building decent momentum, launching his entire body at things head-first. Usually it is something benign like the carpet or my chest (lovely). This week, however, he did it to a toy phone. He was at daycare when The Incident occurred and they were quick to scoop him up and ice his eye, but it did little to stop the damage - Peter received his first shiner, something fun to note in the baby book.

And now, it's time for my (admittedly, much too short) list of New Year Resolutions:

  • Buy 30-Day-Shred and ACTUALLY DO IT. Or at least watch it while drinking Crystal Light instead of beer.
  • Get the kid over this embarrassingly bad habit of only falling asleep while nursing. Hmm Daycare, I have no clue why he has so much trouble falling asleep while under your watch...
  • Only wear my hair in a bun or ponytail every other day. Instead of every single day excluding weekends.
  • Actually call people on the phone instead of just assuming they read the family blog.
  • Put more money in the bank in lieu of spending it on so much hipster babywear.
  • Stop swearing while at home (this one is iffy at best).
  • Eat ice cream at least once a week (dudes: eating dairy helps you to lose weight!).
  • Be more diligent about cleaning the house. Peter's gonna help me out with that one.

All done, I warned you it was long. Next weekend we head to Halstead, so there should be lots of fun to post soon.

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