10 January 2010

Weekend Update 1.10.10

Not much to update for the week/weekend other than the trip to Halstead to have Christmas with the Muellers! Pictures to follow, as usual. Enjoy! We sure did!

We headed out on Saturday. Peter was pretty decent in the car. Better than screaming the entire time...

Sunday morning Eric and Debbie showed up bright and early, to start on dinner (Eric's job for the day) and have the family Christmas before everyone else showed up.

Jumpin' with Aunt Debbie.

Checking out the goodies from our stockings.

Grandma and grandpa discovered the way to Peter's heart - baby Cheetos.

Peter got lots of goodies.

Once set to roam as he pleased, he made a beeline for his other love in life - gift bows.

Sayin' hi to grandma.

He loved those bows.

Scott helped Eric prep dinner.

Yay, bows!


Still with the bows.

Passed out after ODing on bows.

And then the Haury family showed up! Peter had lots of fun with the other kids.

The spread: Eric made smoked mushroom risotto, homemade parsley gnocchi in cream sauce, balsamic carrots, pasta salad, roasted pork tenderloin... We were spoiled.

It took 3 adults to figure out how to set up the doll Pack-in-Play. One of which has much recent experience setting those things up...

It seemed like we just got there and then we were off back to Lawrence. On the way home there was an insane amount of geese in the sky, I got a few shots.

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