07 January 2010

Snow Day

We got more snow, more to pile onto the already-several-inches hanging around. The city is still not plowing. Or sanding, which they promised to AT LEAST do that, whatever. To top that off, the windchill hovered around -16F, and winds were a-blowing as they usually do in Kansas, so drifts were everywhere. I called daycare only to find out that they have knee-deep drifts on their street and the city hasn't plowed a thing (shocker, yes?)...

And you know what? That's it, I'm taking a snow day. Just me and a huge pot of coffee, my slippers, and my pint-sized sidekick. Pictures (oh yes, many many pictures) follow. "My Favorite Things" Thursday will just have to be put off for a day, because we're taking a Snow Day around here, thank you very much.

Peter got dragged back into bed with me when he woke up at 4am, and we crawled back out about 7am. Then had some granola and fruit for breakfast...

After breakfast we played a little bit, and checked out the snow from the comfort of our cozy house.

Peter got a little slap-happy playing on the bed with his Ugly Doll, which meant one thing...

Nap time. He slept for 2.5 hours at his first nap, which meant I could check in at the office and get some work done.

Afterwards we played some more. Peter's really getting into his stacking toy; he used to just like to see it flash its lights and play music, but today he was intent on re-stacking the rings and topper. Adda boy.

We had a snack after that, some Puffs and apricots.


It was about 1pm that we finally decided to maybe get out of the PJs. I brought down some clothes, and go figure: too small. Peter was more than happy to play in the nude (well, and socks) until I was able to find something else for him to wear. Especially after he discovered (and dragged out) the stash of Puffs I hide away in the emergency diaper bag...

Finally, some clothes. Then more playtime in on his mat.

He looooooves this corner of the kitchen, he usually hides there and plays while I putter around in the kitchen doing dishes or whatever. He's also usually pretty quiet, which gives me a heart attack when I turn around and can't see him.

After some vigorous playing on the floor, it was time for the afternoon nap.

And then time for my favorite Snow Day activity: baking cookies! Thanks to Joylyn for the cookie mix, they came in handy when it's too gross outside to make a run for supplies. Peter cheerfully snacked on Baby Cheetos and supervised.

Peter practiced his baton-twirling skillz.

Mmm, M&M cookies.

Official Cookie Taste-Tester.

Then we blew some time on Facebook...

Later we went up to his room to goof off. Beah was not kidding about that toy she bought him: he always bee-lines for it when we get upstairs. It's like the thing is sprinkled with baby crack.

We read a book to while away the time until Dad got off of work.

We took our 7-Month picture. This was one of the better ones, believe it or not. The kid, he is getting pretty mobile. More time was spent trying to keep him on the chair than trying to take pictures.
Um, and yeah he really loves those baby Cheetos.

Oh my gawd, DADDY! Finally! And only a short visit, sadly - then Scott was sent away to shovel and run errands. Boo.

We had some dinner. Peter is all about feeding himself. After he ate everything, I gave him his bowl to play with. I'm telling you, he kept himself busy for 15 minutes. Who knew that pretending to feed yourself could be so fascinating.

After dinnertime, it was off to the Bedtime Routine. First Bath...

... Book...

... Then some milk, and Bed.

The end. Goodnight my doots. Thank you for today.


adriane said...

LOVE IT! Looks like a fun day of bonding! I just got that gear toy too

Stephanie said...

Sounds like the perfect day to me!