17 January 2010

Weekend Update 1.17.10

Peter cannot wait to learn to walk, so he can properly use this toy (much preferred to what he actually did, which was a baby-version of a Trust Fall into the thing from a standing position, which gave him an awesome cut on the back of his head...).

Let's see, let's see...

Well, first I should tell you the tale of the Evil Dishwasher.

So it started leaking a little, I set Scott on getting some use out of our home warranty and setting up an appt. to get it checked. Turns out? There was a recall on the darn thing. It is a FIRE HAZARD. The recall is 3 years old to boot, that's longer than we've owned the house. Anyway, we paid our hundred bucks through the warranty only to hear that there was a free replacement part through Kenmore and we wouldn't have to pay for labor either. Figures. Part is now in, we're just waiting for the guy to come back and install it. It has been a looooong 2 weeks without a dishwasher, my friends.

I am still heading out to the gym with Anna on Tuesdays, which is good. We are actually working hard as well as chatting (in-between great gasps for air; a big change from our usual gym gabfest in past years, where exercise is secondary). Scott and I spent the rest of the week alternating going to the gym, with the one at home putting the baby to bed that evening. It's working pretty well! I also picked up 30 Day Shred although I am still too chicken to actually put it in the DVD player as of yet.

The weekend came around, finally, blessedly, and go figure - Scott and Peter both came down with a flu bug. Boo.

So we spent most of our time at home, which wasn't too terrible I guess. I got a ton done in-between dealing with The Sick: went through all of Peter's teeny early babyhood stuff, cleaned it, folded it and wrapped it up nicely, then put away in plastic totes in the attic storage. It was fun to see the teeny newborn clothes again. I also made a few piles for JBFing in a few months and for yard sales. And I cleaned my closet (a little bit, kinda). And I got ALL of the Christmas stuff packed and put away! And cleaned a few areas of the house that have been driving me nuts for the past month, so there. A productive weekend, even with the flu hanging around. Scott even got a beer brewed despite being ill, such a tooper.

And while I'm typing this frantically to get it online before getting things ready for work, then spending 20 minutes pumping, then taking a shower and finally crawling into bed - my dear husband is enjoying a (small, thanks to his illness) glass of wine and settling in to stay up late and watch TV. Because he doesn't have to work tomorrow, and Pete's got the day off from Daycare, too. Boo. I'm jealous.

PS: This picture is of our dear Peter finding my chalk stash. His face was classic, after a few seconds you could see that he thought he hit some sort of multi-colored baby Cheeto motherload, and started shoving fistfuls frantically into his mouth. Being Mother of the Year, I contemplated taking pictures but opted to put down the camera and clean out his mouth instead...

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