01 March 2010

Weekly Update 3.01.10

Hiya! A little late on this sucker this week, had a sick baby Sunday night/Monday so the weekly update got a wee bit delayed.

Things were hectic as usual. I actually plan on maybe actually saying, "no" to a few things in the future so I don't feel so stressed at the end of the week. We shall see how good of a job I can do...

Scott and Pete, checking out the latest brew (a red ale). The first red ale Scott made was DEEEE-licious so he's made another one, just a bit different this time.

Weekend was pretty chill - Saturday we did some shopping, and got lots o' goodies at the Merc (seriously, I love everything I buy at that grocery. I would love to shop there exclusively. You know, if we were rich). Tried out a new restaurant in town, and it was AMAZING - fantastic food, I can only imagine this place will probably be packed from now on. I do adore me some Krause dining (sixth item down here, same husband/wife team). I love the casual vibe here. Reminds me of La Parilla, which is also fantastic and worth a try, should you ever find yourself in Larryville...

Saturday I met some friends in KC for some food/drinks. Sometimes (sometimes) I wish we lived in KC, it would make things a bit easier when meeting friends there for things... Sunday we stayed around the house for the most part.

The morning was kinda weird? Got up early with Peter. We were up maybe half an hour, and the power went out. No storm, no work being done nearby... I called it in and they said our whole neighborhood was out, it would be 2-3 hours before it would be restored. Oooookay - in the meantime, it's 6:30am, I haven't made any coffee yet (horror!), and our house had already dipped down to a balmy 60 degrees, as it hadn't done its usual morning warm-up yet... Yeah.

So we went grocery shopping. I must say, grocery shopping that early is rather nice! Grabbed a huge coffee, Peter and I pretty much had the store to ourselves... Then when we were done I blew some time by driving around campus while Peter napped in the back seat. It is a weird thing - when I need to think, or get away, clear my head, whatever - nine times out of ten, without even thinking about it I'll go up to campus and take a long walk. Now granted, this time it was just me driving around up and down the hill, through the teeny drives (a bit brisk for a walk with a baby), but still. Campus is very calming to me.

We got home, we had power, and when I was unpacking the car? This HUGE HAWK flew down and grabbed a squirrel out of the neighbor's yard, did a slow fly-by like 2 feet from me (I seriously thought he was gonna grab me next), then went to the neighbor's yard on the other side and, well. Finished off the squirrel. Yeah, gross. And the whole time I was just standing on the sidewalk with my hands on my face yelling "OH WOW OH WOW OH WOW" over and over, like a toddler. It was pretty weird, in my defense. Between this and the wild turkey sighting in our neighbor's yard a few weeks ago, I am just waiting for some moose to wander over.

As a random side note: I think Peter looks vaguely like Donald Sutherland in the picture below:

Also on Sunday we had a minor Coffee Incident. After getting home and the power was back and we (first thing!) brewed some coffee, I left my mug on the coffee table. You know, fully in reach of the child. Thankfully he didn't come upon it until it had cooled to a nice lukewarm (I like my coffee slightly cold, yes it's weird and no I don't care). Anyway! He grabbed it and just tipped it on over like it was no big thing, all slow-like, all over the coffee table and books and magazines and our pretty white shag rug... Then he wallowed in the puddle on the rug. Fantastic, I tell you. Here he is re-enacting his big spill, still in coffee-stained clothing and all:

Have a good week, all. See you next week.

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