21 March 2010

Weekend Update 03.21.10

Definitely his father's son: here's Peter happily chowing on a lime.

Oh, misery. It's been a week of the stuff around here. Well okay that's a little dramatic, let's say a week of "meh, I'm over it". We all got sick, really good and sick this time (all fevers and chest colds and heads so stuffed full of snot that we thought our brains would explode). KU did what we've been worried all year that they would do - they gave away a game, and so we are out of the tournament early. C'est la vie. And a storm came in on Saturday, dropping the temperature about 50 degrees in less than 8 hours and dumping a good 4-5 inches of snow on top of things. Between these three things (well, two of them anyway) - Peter's 9-month portraits got pushed back yet another week. So, yeah. There's the "meh" part of our week.

We've been eating lots of oranges around here, getting our Vitamin C.

Now on to the fun stuff, yes? Kept busy this week - worked, I volunteered at our local JBF sale. I got to shop a day early thanks to my volunteering, and got a few good deals. A few pairs Gymboree jeans on the cheap, a bunch more PJs for this summer, and more shoes and shirts. I also found him a Little Tikes push-n-ride coupe. We've already taken it for a few spins around the neighborhood, the neighbors wave at Peter as he goes past. He knows what he's doing, that's for sure: grips the wheel, fiddles with the horn, whips the wheel back and forth quickly. Uh, I swear this is not a reflection of my driving skillz.


I also got a Gap Friends and Family e-mail. For some reason I decided to actually print it out this time, and I'm glad I did: massive sales at our BabyGap, people, and that coupon applies to sales. Score. I went twice this weekend with my coupon and got Peter lots of good stuff to wear next fall/winter, for super-duper cheap. While there I got a coupon book for 40% off of single items every Wednesday in April, so I think it's high time Mommy went shopping for herself for once.

Snow snow snow out the window-dow. See that pile on our roof??

This week was the Compost Sale in town, you get as much as your heart desires for free if you haul it yourself. Scott got about 6 huge tubs of compost for our gardening/container pots this year, just in time too (about 6 hours before that snow storm blew in). And I cannot wait to get started on our yard this year, my friends. He's also signed up for some gardening and fruit tree seminars next week. We wanted to get a fruit tree to plant for Peter last year, but it was too late in the season to get in the ground in the summer. Hopefully we can get that done this spring.

The babe is doing well. This is the week where I officially saw the toddler coming out. All this time, I've been worried about him growing up too fast, and I must say when they start those non-baby habits it makes you stop and just stare. This time it is Real - the baby, he is leaving me.

For one, his coordination has really taken a leap this week. He still pulls around on furniture, he's unsteady on his own feet. I don't see walking for awhile. But: with his fingers, his hands, his wrist, he's a pro. He has great range of motion, it's fun to sit and watch him play with his toys and watch the ways he can easily flip and turn and manipulate things. Playin on his work bench, methodically pulling out "nails" and turning screws. He's figured out the turning-handle on the wash-stand in the kitchen, no matter how I try to rig it he gets right in there to poke around. Soon we'll have to baby-proof the oven knobs and doorknobs.

This weekend his new obsession was picking up a toy off the top of a tower without knocking anything over...

He also chatters. A lot. We seem to have some messy, sloppy words going on. He moans for his "muuuuuuhhhhhh-mmmuuuuuuuhhhh" when he's done napping or needs to be held, hands flapping desperately and eyes pleading for me to pick him up. He can say "buh-buh" for his bottle, although he uses it randomly (correctly, pointing at the bottle and saying it, but still randomly). Sometimes we get a "juh" when he wants juice at dinnertime. All other things are a haphazard jumble of "bow bow bow!" noises and yelps and baby babble. He's so incredibly chatty though, it amazes me. Only at home or daycare I should add; he's a quiet babe around other people. Our shy boy.

Out of dozens, this is the best picture of us in our Sconnie gear.

And he's possibly found his "security blanket". When Peter was born, we were blessed with several handmade quilts and knit blankets. About 20 of them, in fact. So we've been rotating them faithfully, keeping a blanket in his crib, another on the changing table, and a third in the car. Make sure they all get their love time. While sick this week, Peter took a liking to the Winnie the Pooh fleece quilt Muzzy made. He wanted to be wrapped in it while snuggled into my lap and after naps. He held it, sucking on the corners absentmindedly, when he was alone playing on the floor. And it had to be in his crib when he went to sleep. He's not fully attached yet, sometimes whining for it and sometimes completely ignoring the thing. So we shall see if it sticks, or another becomes his favorite as he gets older.

I think that about covers things? Next week is going to be busy-busy, with 2 sets of visitors coming over, and seminars, and getting our swing set brought over and set up in the yard (!!), and Peter's 9-month portraits to boot... And book club, and work-out dates, and Peter's 9 month wellness appointment, and yeah. I probably should get off of here and get to bed, rest up for that week ahead.

Toodles, my sweets. See you next week.

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