14 March 2010

Weekly Update 03.14.10


Okay if you could see me now, you would literally see me cracking my knuckles at the computer desk and then typing furiously, because: I thought it was like 11pm, only it's actually midnight. Thanks a lot, Daylight Savings. Jeez. So I am trying to get this thing done and posted at record speed (Vimeo video upload, please keep up).

So. Hi.

The weather this week, it sadly went back to cold. And dreary/rainy/blah. Seriously, the whole week was like this. Total suck. We were going to have Peter's 9 month pictures done with Sarah this week but rescheduled it for next weekend. Everybody cross your fingers that the sun at least comes out (that's all I ask for really).

Otherwise? It's been a week of catch-up, to be honest. I caught up on errands and things during the week. The weekend is where we really shined: the short, teeny burst of warm weather last weekend gave us the itch to start our spring cleaning. We deep-cleaned the house this weekend, scrubbing floors and giving a good wipe-down all the way into the dark corners of our home. I literally scoured every surface of the bathroom that I could reach. Next weekend hopefully we can clean the windows thoroughly. Then to start on the outside - weather permitting.

Also: I finished sewing projects, most importantly: finished curtains for the basement office. Scott also installed the curtain rods in the basement and got a few new pictures up on the wall, so all it needs is a good cleaning and I may share a few pictures of our re-do...

We finally, finally took our lame selves over to the Fieldhouse to check out the Booth Hall of Athletics museum - that thing was finished, oh, four years ago or so? At any rate, we finally took it all in. Very cool, by the way! We only spent about an hour there because we had to get Doots back home for a nap, but we got a good viewing and really enjoyed it. Also: the boys got their gear for the tourney this year at the Fieldhouse Gift Shop. This is our tradition: every year when March Madness rolls around, we get a new lucky shirt. I have yet to find mine, but will get it before Thursday, so no worries my pets. We also need to get out to visit Naismith sometime this week...

Nikki and Rick came up for a quick visit on Sunday. We had some yummy-yummy Esquina for lunch and then hit downtown for a little shopping. Nikki got new running shoes at her favorite shoe store, and Peter got a new book (a sushi board book, sweet) at The Toy Store. As usual, never enough time to catch up, so a quick hug and a promise to see Nikki around Easter.

Can I just say quickly that I looooove March? Love it. For one reason only: March Madness. The 'Hawks won the Big XII tournament handily, now it's on the Big Dance. I am hoping beyond hope that we win it all again this year. Fingers crossed everybody! Will bring an update next weekend, hopefully a positive one.

Oh, yeah! The child. He's doing well, as always - our sweet little man. He hit that fantastic "40 in, 40 out" milestone today, he's been livin' on the outside as long as he was percolating away in my tummy (did you know he was born on his due date? Only 5% of babies are born on their due date, you know. True story). Anyhoo: a montage I like to affectionately refer to as clips-somewhat-glued-together-haphazardly-to-create-a-video can be seen below (in a time crunch, OMG KEEP THAT IN MIND). Er, enjoy.

The Week in the Life of The Little Guy from Emily Mueller on Vimeo.

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