08 March 2010

Weekly Update 03.07.10

So I think the big news of the week is that it finally, blessedly, warmed up. Friday made it to 60 degrees, the first time we had seen such a balmy temperature since Thanksgiving-ish. We took full advantage: Scott, Peter, and I went to South Park to hit the swings and playground area. Only, every other parent in a 2-mile radius apparently had the same thought, because the place was PACKED. No bother, Peter had a good time cruising around the area and checking out all the other little kids. We fit in a wee bit of swinging too. Then we walked Mass St. a few times, just enjoying the weather before heading back to the house for the evening. No pictures, as Scott picked me up right after work to head to the park, so no time to stop at home for the camera. He does earn bonus points, though, because he actually thought of bringing it for me, just forgot in the rush to get the baby ready to get out the door. Completely understandable, that.

Saturday we did cleaning and took care of running errands early, in preparation of an afternoon taking in the Allen Fieldhouse museum – that thing was finished FOREVER ago, but we just never seem to make it up there. We finally decided that hey – this weekend is The Weekend that we make it out that way. It’s less than a mile from our house, I mean really; kinda pathetic that we haven’t been there yet. Only. We were going to head there Saturday afternoon, which just also happened to be when the Border War game was being played… Listen, a KU fan cannot miss the freaking Border War. So we stayed in and watched the game. There is always next weekend for the museum. Or so we are telling ourselves at this point.
Doots might have been a bit disappointed we didn't go.

I also met friends to see Shutter Island on Saturday afternoon. I liked it. It’s Scorses’s homage to the Film Noir genre, and he stayed incredibly close to the novel which is always a bonus. The only complaints I’ve read about the film mention that the storyline seems contrived, or that the “twist” can be guessed early on; however I think those critics may be missing the point. It’s all about the art and the acting in this film, and both are great. Nemmie approved! Go see it.

Sunday we met up with Grandma and Grandpa Kemmeter and Paulo in KC, to check out the Auto Show. With all the excitement of the day Peter didn’t get any naps, which would usually spell disaster but only meant he wasn’t quite as happy-chirpy as usual, just kinda quiet, and restless after a few hours in his stroller. Um, I’ll take it. After the Auto Show we had brunch at The Classic Cup, which was yummy as always.

Sunday night we watched the Oscars. As is our usual tradition, Scott and I celebrated by doing our own ballots and enjoying a cheese tray (and wine!) while we watched. I won our Oscars pool for the first time in many, many many years – I would like to just say that also, not coincidentally, this year I picked the actual long-projected winners, rather than going with my favs. Sad that the Oscars are that predictable these days. It is still fun to watch for the dresses and glamour and who-knows-what-might-happen, like that red-headed lady who looked like she pulled a Kanye during the Best Documentary Short speech. But otherwise – I must admit that the Golden Globes are much preferred in my mind, it’s less stodgy and everyone is enjoying champagne at their tables and (usually) there is no MC so the show doesn’t drag on and on and on. Not to mention there are some actual surprises as to who wins what award.

I should probably admit that this weekend I also started planning Peter’s birthday party. He hit the 9-month milestone on Sunday, which reminded me that I have a party to plan. I’m covering for a coworker at the office (she’s out on maternity leave) and have several deadlines in May/June, not to mention work travel, so I am not exactly going to have the time to research invites and decorations and cake makers when it gets closer. I’m just getting a head start (that’s my excuse for it anyway). I’ve already started on some of the stuff. Um, yeah. In preparation for a busy coming months. You know. Not that I’m insanely Type A about party planning or anything (honestly, I was a closet-obsessive when it came to planning our wedding, for example I agonized over choosing the ribbon for the programs for days…).

Did I mention our boy is 9 months old? Yes. And he has a signature move already – the finger point has evolved to a good-bye gesture. You get your own personal PointPointPoint! then he moves it to what we lovingly call “revving the motorcycle”, this bizarre wrist-twisting with a closed fist. And a look of complete and total concentration on his face. Is he waving good-bye? Or threatening you with violence? It is a sight to behold, to be sure.

I swear she's not trying to kill him, she's actually trying to pull it out of his mouth....

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