24 May 2010

For the love of Cars

Peter loooooves his cars. Loves them. His cousin Dylan started his obsession with the movie Cars (and all things Cars-movie related) at about the age Peter is now. He knows every car in that film, all the names and their back stories and he has a million of the movie-related cars and books and other assorted toys. He's obsessed, but in an endearing, adorable kind of way.

My parents have their own copy of the movie. And we had a few free hours before dinner and Peter's bedtime. I was kinda excited and hopeful that this would be the start of Peter's own beautiful relationship with the film. What follows is a synopsis of how his first-ever viewing of the film went.

At the beginning of the movie he watched intently.

Then he took a moment to check on some of Muzzy's cats in the sun room.

Then he played some hide-and-seek with the kitty.

Then he came over to smile sweetly at me, trying to get a piece of my candy.

He went back to the movie watching from dad's lap. Sideways. While waving around his Cars van thingie (help me out on the name, Dyl).

Thwarted from checking out Muzzy's sewing desk.

Oh, yeah. The movie. Back to cheering for the cars.

Contemplating how long it would take to scale the back of the couch to the other side.

Coming back to do a quick booty-dance to the movie's music.

Tear off to the other side of the family room.

Think about playing with the marble eggs.

Find a hobby horse, woohoo!

And then the Cars viewing was officially over, as Scott spied the hobby horse and had to give it a go himself. The end.
Hrmmph. Maybe he'll be interested in watching it for more than 2 minutes the next time we visit.

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