14 May 2010

Things I Love... Friday

Okay in all honesty, do you want to know what happened to me on Thursdays? I had a “get together” night with a friend move from Tuesday evenings to Thursday evenings, and it kinda took over the time I probably spent pulling this together. And sometimes we don’t meet up, but that’s when we’re both too busy to fit it in (like, you know, when I’m too busy watching Fringe). So –I think we are moving this to Fridays instead. Sorry Thursdays! You just don’t quite fit the bill any longer.

Blah! Life! So complicated-ish. So anyway here are my thoughts on the awesome for this week:

Lauren Dress
This little black dress is just so gorgeous. Black is always awesome and classic (and slimming!) but this one bumps into the Love category with the great lines and that adorable collar.

Pirate’s Booty
For anyone with a little baby who is just learning how to eat, you are probably contemplating those Gerber Puffs, Wagon Wheels, and Crunchies (we lovingly refer to them as Baby Cheetos). Anyway: while they are great, they also have lots o’ sodium and other yucks in them. We started buying Pirate’s Booty instead – it’s organic/natural, it’s yummy, it dissolves in the mouth just like those Gerber products, and it’s much lower in sodium to boot. In fact, we still give him this treat from time to time. Whenever I don’t eat the entire bag myself, that is.

Jim’s Pancakes
Pancakes: hamburger edition? The pancake necklace? The Bay Bridge recreation? I would probably never eat any of these creations (let alone even ATTEMPT to make them, I mean hee! No.), but it’s a fun blog to check every once in awhile and marvel at Jim’s pancake madness.

The Solar family drove the entire stretch of Route 66 as part of their family vacation, and photo-blogged the entire thing. Between the gorgeous shots and the descriptions of their stops along the way, I seriously daydream about doing the same trip. If only I didn’t have a kid who detests the car to the point that he screams until he makes himself sick...

Robot Party of Awesome
I am in full-on party planning mode for the Doot’s robot party, which is in 3 short weeks (gulp). Although if I were to be honest, I would admit that I am thoroughly enjoying myself. I was always a whiz in my high school 3D art class (took Best of Show for my basketweaving skillz at the regional art fair, holla!). I really like DIYing stuff. For our wedding alone, I created the invites and all stationery and embroidered totes for my bridesmaids and made candle holders and pew decorations and and and… Yes, it was insane. So anyway! This little birthday party has allowed me to yet again unleash my inner Crafter, I’ve made banners and cupcake toppers and favor tags and yeah. Just yeah, it is fun and I must really thank the Interwebs personally for all the inspiration provided for my DIY projects. Now I’m off to finish the robot piñata…

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