03 May 2010

Male Twirler Alert

Wow, kudos to Vimeo for taking TWENTY THREE HOURS to upload my 50-second video. Goodness. They must have been having an off day...

Anyhoo! It's been a day since my posting of the weekly update, so I thought I'd post Peter's baton-twirling routine separately. I mean, it's totally deserving of a separate post anyway for that intricate move he does where he twirls the duster between his legs.

Prepare to be amazed my friends.

Mr. Doots shows off his mad twirling skillz. from Emily Mueller on Vimeo.


Julie said...

At least he was distracted enough by his baton practice to not go after the glass panels leaning precariously against the couch ;)

Nemmie said...

I'm doing my best to win that Mommy of the Year award ;)