23 May 2010

Weekly Update 05.23.10

Stealing a page from some other blogs I follow, and doing the update this week with a bulleted list...

What I learned this week:

  • Pete's Hair + Humidity = Whooooooa, Nelly.

  • If you can't find candles in your wedding color, just spray-paint white ones.

  • Jeannie really likes having her picture taken (she asked me about half a dozen times this weekend).

  • While trying to paint the pinata, I learned that foam does not like spray paint. At all.

  • I thought the days of Peter sleeping in our bed ended at about age 5 months - at that point, he was just too excited to be in our bed to do any sort of sleeping there. That is until this week, when after an apparently-exhausting day at daycare, he curled up with his blanket and zonked out. I had to take a picture, because that could easily have been the last time.

  • Ants, sigh - after all the rain we've been having, all of NE KS has had ant issues. However: thanks to Fox4, I learned that ants can't digest cornmeal and if you leave it out for them, they take it back to their colony and everybody croaks. We left some out before our trip to Pittsburg and have seen hardly an ant since our return.

  • All it takes is 3 days in a row with his daddy to get Peter to say "da-da". A lot. Like, annoyingly a lot. I think he forgot how to say "ma-ma".

  • My Mahni girl gets prettier every day.

  • Broccoli and button mushrooms that are sauteed with a touch of balsamic vinegar are yum yum yum.

  • Nothing makes my boy's afternoon like a blankie in one hand and an apple slice in the other.

  • Free State Beer from a bottle tastes mighty fine. And means a quick 3-block trip rather than heading downtown, circling the blocks to find some parking, finally hitting the brewery, and fighting the thick crowd at the bar for 15 minutes - just to get my growler filled.

And as a PS - my favorite picture of the week. His face may be all blurred out from the flash and I cut off the lower part of his body, but I love it because this is my Doots, stumbling several steps to me, with such a lovely look on his face. Bliss.

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