02 May 2010

Weekly Update 05.02.10

Oh, weekends - where do you go, seriously?? Actually no wait, I can answer that - they go to house upkeep, and cleaning, and laundry, and errands. That's where they go. Being a grown up is so exhausting, for real. A few snippets from the week:

My book club was cancelled and rescheduled for next month. Which is probably a good thing, considering I still have not read the book. Er, yeah.

Friday we grilled some pizza for the first time (yeah I know we're approximately two years behind that trend, and man why did we wait because seriously: YUM), and cleaned the house. And I learned that our son has mad baton-twirling skillz. That's the Muzzy in him coming out.

[this is where I'll eventually link to a vimeo video, if vimeo will ever get their crap together because WTF, it has been over 2 hours since I uploaded the video and I still get "saving to the server will give you a time soon blah blah blah" messages. You almost make me want to go over to nasty youtube, vimeo people. I mean, actually not really. But still: seriously.]

Scott's parents came for a visit on Saturday. We stayed around the house and had some lunch at Jade. Fun visit!

That night Scott and I rented District 9 (it's mindblowing to me that this movie got an Oscar nom) and I worked on some party stuff. I had a bunch of different projects started for Peter's birthday but nothing really finished; well - now I officially have finished the cupcake toppers, favor tags, centerpieces, pennants, birthday banner, and have finished addressing/prepping the invites. And that means it's time to start on even more DIY party stuff. I think if I were honest I would admit I'm doing about 75% of these things just because I secretly enjoy doing crafty projects...

Sunday we stayed busy as well - met up with Nikki and Rick for an afternoon hanging out at Art in the Park and tootling around downtown. Peter decided to end his day downtown by wetting through his diaper. Like, his jeans were soaked. As was the stroller. So we bid farewell to our friends and hurried to the car, where we stripped our kid down in the trunk of the car (the mess that his clothes/diaper contained did not need to see the back seat of the car). He seemed to enjoy his time in the trunk, standing up sans diaper/pants and waving at the Art in the Park crowds hanging around. That's our boy.

back home Scott ran out with grocery list in hand, and bought all the groceries for the week. I gave him a very short list (going to use up some deep freezer stuff this week) and it didn't even include formula or diapers, and yet somehow he managed to spend just as much as I usually do in a week. Men. Meanwhile Peter and I had some time together, played and took a Sunday drive in his push-car. Then it was dinner/bath/bedtime for doots.

And finally, blessedly, I got my front-porch plants planted. I bought them a few weeks ago, and planned to get them in containers last week but time got away from me. I was determined to get them all planted this weekend, as they were starting to look a bit droopy. Um, some of the coleus are a little shrively. Sooo, anyhoo, Scott and I got everything together in the back to get to work, and I just got a few shovel-fuls of potting soil in pots, when there was a knock at the front door. It was the nice little neighbors Gary and Julia from next door.

Julia was standing there with a shoe box, she wanted to know my shoe size, as she bought a pair of shoes but it turned out they were too small on her so she was hoping I could maybe fit them (okay and the hysterical part is that Julia is an elderly lady, so they weren't exactly my style of shoe if you catch my drift, I'm a little less orthopedic in my tastes). Anyway, we chatted away for awhile and next thing you know, it's pretty darn dark out. Oopsies, especially since we also had some chicken on the grill... They let us finish up and while it may have been dark, I got those suckers finished up, darn it.

The good thing about our stroller: the interior zips out for easy cleaning...

Also because I know you are dying to know, our chicken was a little dry, but still edible. Win!

That's about it for this week. Next week's update should be nice and eventful, we have Cinco de Mayo (um, Pete and I actually have plans! Clearly we are social butterflies! Dance card full!) and Mother's Day, and all that other fun stuff. Everybody cross your fingers that my front-porch plants all make it okay, poor droopy things. I also have dreams of a porch swing and new welcome mat and some decorative whatevers, but Scott says those are for another day. Party Pooper.

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