09 May 2010

Weekly Update 05.09.10

Seriously, it's May already??

Peter and I spent Cinco de Mayo at a BBQ joint, for my coworker's going away party. A bunch of us brought our babies so it was like a daycare on one end - with the young singles/marrieds on the other side, giving the babies the side eye. Heh. All was well and we had a great time, then when we went to leave Peter decided to go out with a bang. As in, bang his head against the side of the table. He was a trooper though and was able to recover in time to give High Fives all around on his way out the door.

Sometimes Scott has to mow when Pete's getting ready to go to bed, so I let him watch "baba" from the window for awhile before hitting the bottle and zonking out.

In other klutzy baby news: Saturday night Peter took a nose-dive into his dresser, whacking his right eye on one of the shiny pretty brushed METAL knobs. His eyelid immediately got a bit purple and his eye swelled half shut. Yeesh. Needless to say he's got quite the shiner now. And I probably checked on him half a dozen times in the middle of the night to make sure he didn't die of I don't know, eyeball-to-brain swelling or something.

Begging for bites of poppyseed roll.

This week I started work on a pinata for Peter's party. God help us all - I haven't made one since I was a little kid and I forgot how messy and sloppy and all-around Yucky the paper-maché part is. I was able to plow through that portion by the end of the weekend. Thank goodness for cold beer (through a straw, because my hands were goopy), I'm not sure I would have survived it otherwise.

Scott and I both headed to the Salon over lunch on Friday to get our hair cut. I am sure you are like, "wow. That is fascinating" but seriously - Scott went to an actual salon. A Real Stylist in a Real Salon. Not a barbershop, not some random woman at Great Clips. He was actually growing it out just for me so he could impress me with his adult hair cut. Looks great too, by the way.

Scott also got started on the Festivus Ale for next winter. This will guarantee that it is not as... strong... as last year's.

Doots says: hmm, needs more hops.

Saturday was pretty relaxing. We hit up some yard sales and scored Peter some sweet toys. Including a parking garage for his ever-growing collection of cars, be still his little heart. Okay and a word to the wise for all future yard sale people reading my blog: dudes. You are trying to get rid of things, remember? I know those are PediPed shoes (retail: $30-ish) but: they are also scuffed and the sides are worn down. I'm not paying $9 for them. That goes for the lovely woman peddling her kid's used Robeez (also retail: $30-ish) for $15 a pair, and the washed-too-many-times Gap clothes for $3 a pop. Just FYI. And I wasn't the only "shopper" trying to hide my giggles at your prices, either.

Cars carefully parked in a row.

The boys treated me well on Mother's Day, but I'm going to do a separate post for that. A fun-filled day of brunch and shopping and a picnic. Kinda. It was a little cold and drizzly so we picnic-ed on the kitchen floor. It was perfect.

And as a big finale! The baby has learned all sorts of new fun tricks this week - oh my gosh, it's mind blowing how quickly they start picking things up - but probably the most exciting was the beginning of teeny, tiny, baby steps. Granted, those attempted steps are nothing if not ugly (needs more polish. And actual knee bending), and without fail he falls flat on his face after one tiny step. But still! 'A' for effort, little man.

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