16 May 2010

Weekly Update 05.16.10

Four baby pictures, with a non-baby picture tossed in there for some variety.

First and foremost: I am going to make this quick, and I mean it this time: I am sick. Siiiiiiiick, like the embarrassing sick where you kinda mope around and look like a giant wuss. But um. Everything hurts, my throat my ears my whole damn body. Wimper wimper wimper. However I am not even HALF as whiney as Pete was when he had this.

I mean, just look at him. See what you have to put up with when your child is miserable?

Peter's a-growing! He can take a few steps in a row, but still wipes out. Totally prefers crawling. He's picking up all sorts of fun new things - Scott showed him how to use his toy tools, so he keeps busy attempting to nail things (sideways) and use the screwdriver (upside down). Eh whatever. He says "bye bye" to go with his waving, and will randomly throw out a "yeah" in response when you are talking to him (I have come to the realization that perhaps I say "yeah" a bit too much).

He suddenly loooooves pictures of babies, so going through his baby album with him has been fun. The best part, though, is when he sees the family pictures, the smile goes away and he looks super concerned when he sees that baby WITH HIS PARENTS WHAT THE HECK STEP OFF, BABY. Hee! Also we flipped his car seat today. Uh, he thought it was the funniest thing ever to be able to face forward and see everything. Also he is totally going to be a seat-kicker. Yay.

I did the Crawl for Cancer on Saturday. Totally fun! And I didn't die like I was worried I was going to, which is a nice bonus.

So, there you go. Not kidding: that's about it.

Have a good week ladies and gents. See you again soon, hopefully in less discomfort. Off to refresh my 7-Up and turn in early.

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nikkinorthstrom said...

Sad you couldn't spray paint the foam. :( Great blog! Love that Ian!