10 May 2010

Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to my Muzzy, who is enjoying the lovely SoCal weather as I type this. And to my dear mother-in-law Kris, too! And to all the other mommies out there: I hope that your day was amazing.

I was treated like a queen this mother’s day – I was able to sleep in, and not once would Scott let me change a diaper. Bliss. Scott even made coffee for me when I got up, just how I like it on the weekends (I drink it black all week at work but weekends I need some sugar and cream, pretty please). I got flowers, I looooove flowers. I pulled out a few stems and put them in small vases in other parts of the house, so I can enjoy them everywhere I go.

First the boys took me out for brunch, at Esquina, our new favorite little Latin American spot. Three fantastic courses - fruit with fresh cinnamon doughnuts to start, then our entrees (I had pulled pork with runner beans, cornbread, and fritter; Scott had flank steak with huevos rancheros), then a trio of desserts. YUM. Peter was lucky and got to eat a bit of everything from our plates, plus his own sopapilla/fruit cup. We had brunch cocktails as well. I had their exotic-fruit mimosa, and Scott ordered the other special of the morning: an iced yerba-maté tea infusion with a splash of cucumber rum. Not bad, just kinda… different.

We headed out to the Legends so I could get some spring/summer apparel. It has been a long time, sadly, since I had last gone shopping for myself – aside from a few quick dashes into Old Navy to get a few shirts/pants for the winter, I have pretty much neglected my wardrobe since I found out I was pregnant. Yeah, that long. So off to Ann Taylor and the like, where I scored a pair of pants, 2 skirts, 2 sundresses, 5 shirts, and the crowning achievement of my shopping excursion: the sweetest lightweight summer sweater from Banana. Very delicate and fits like a dream, with pretty crocheted buttons; I can’t wait to wear it over sundresses. Scott and Peter did their duty and accompanied me to the stores without so much as a peep.

My big request for Mother’s Day is that I wanted to go on a picnic, unfortunately the weather wasn’t cooperating (chilly and cloudy and a little rainy). So rather than heading to campus as originally planned, we had our picnic on the mat on the kitchen floor. And it was perfect.

I took over bath and bedtime for Peter that night, so Scott did house clean up. Peter was worn out after our long day, so he curled into me and fell asleep before he could finish his bottle (a rarity). I sat upstairs for awhile, just held him and rocked him. He is the sweetest, happy little guy, I don’t know why I got so lucky. This world is such a better place with his little soul in it.

I am so proud to be his mother.

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Nikki Northstrom said...

Sounds like a good time! Great pics!